I purchased a CRT TV for a unfashionable gaming setup – and it used to be an existential nightmare


Recently I’ve been desperate to faucet into my youth nostalgia, and as a lifelong gamer, that’s essentially entailed losing money on a unfashionable gaming setup. In a rose-tinted bid to re-experience the video games of my early life, I went all out and purchased a PS1 (the impressively tiny revision that’s nonetheless a looker, aesthetically), a host of video games and, most significantly, a 14-inch Bush 1473T CRT TV to play them on. 

But with CRT being such an out of date show manner, why hassle purchasing one? After all, certainly any trendy TV will have to suffice if all you want to do is plug a console into it, proper? Not moderately. The downside with even the most productive 4K TVs is they lack enter for a SCART adaptor, the main manner for hooking up older consoles just like the PS1 and N64 to AV.


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