Elon Musk Wants To Sell You an Optimus Robot for Less Than the Price of a Tesla – Video


Speaker 1: Tesla’s optimist. Robot is actual, and Elon Musk desires to promote it to you for $20,000. We were given our first have a look at the so referred to as Tesla bot at Tesla’s 2022 AI Day. Essentially a large show off of the paintings the corporate is doing in robotics, ai, and driverless era. Among the entire communicate of AI Optimist used to be the spotlight of the display, however we did not simply get one robotic. We if truth be told noticed two. The first divulge used to be an early construction prototype [00:00:30] that if truth be told walked itself out on degree and waved. Then we were given a 2nd robotic, the most recent era that Elon Musk desires to take into manufacturing. Tesla used to be promoting a large imaginative and prescient, robots operating in our global, doing jobs, or even having their very own personalities. But how lengthy until we get that long term? And extra importantly, will you be capable of purchase an optimist robotic, or is that this simply in point of fact cool having a look vaporware? Let’s wreck it down.

Speaker 1: [00:01:00] We first noticed Optimist ultimately 12 months’s AI day, however all now we have observed in the actual global until now used to be a human dancing in a morph swimsuit. But at this 12 months’s AI day, we were given much more beginning with that first divulge in comparison to the slick renders now we have observed ahead of. This robotic appeared a little bit extra steam park with uncovered wires and actuators and a again that appeared more or less unfinished. But [00:01:30] consistent with Tesla, this early type used to be completed inside of six months of closing 12 months’s AI day. It used to be constructed with off the shelf portions, and this used to be the primary time it had walked in the actual global with none tethers or cables. Oh, and since this used to be an Elon Musk match, it did some dancing too, however Tesla did not prevent there. And that brings us to robotic quantity two. This newest era model of Optimist used to be rather less showy, however that is the model that Tesla [00:02:00] desires to if truth be told mass produce.

Speaker 2: Our objective is to make, um, an invaluable humanoid robotic as briefly as conceivable. You’ve all observed very spectacular humanoid, uh, robotic demonstrations, um, and that that is nice. But what are they lacking? Um, they are lacking a mind. They, they, they do not have the, the intelligence to navigate the arena, uh, by means of themselves. And they are, they are additionally very dear, um, and made in low quantity. Um, while, uh, this, that is optimist is designed to [00:02:30] in extraordinarily succesful robotic, however made in, in very prime quantity, most definitely in the end thousands and thousands of gadgets. Um, and I, it, it, it’s anticipated to price a lot not up to a automobile. I simply convey it immediately to the appropriate right here. Uh, I’d say most definitely not up to $20,000.

Speaker 1: So what does 20 grand get you? Well, this more moderen robotic is constructed with parts designed by means of Tesla, no longer off the shelf portions, and it has 200 levels of freedom throughout its entire frame. That way opposable thumbs and independently [00:03:00] transferring arms, and the facility to take hold of equipment or climb stairs. It weighs 73 pounds and it has wifi. Nice optimist 2.0 needed to be wheeled on degree, however Musk says it must be strolling in a couple of weeks. So whilst the onstage demos have been restricted, we did get to peer some pre-recorded movies of the robotic operating in the actual global, optimist, lifting containers, watering vegetation, or even operating in one among Tesla’s factories. [00:03:30] We additionally were given lots of in point of fact explicit main points at the mechanics of this gadget. Everything from the dexterity of the arms to the biomechanics of knee design. That’s one thing I find out about now.

Speaker 1: Before this match, Musk mentioned AI day could be extremely technical, and he used to be no longer mendacity. But one of the crucial attention-grabbing section used to be how the robotic understands the arena. We were given to peer what the robotic sees with colour coded symbol reputation [00:04:00] because it known gadgets and navigated via areas. And that is the place Tesla’s paintings in robotics and self-driving automobiles comes in combination to create the optimist robotic mind. Tesla took its current self-driving automobile AI and retrained it for a global off the street. So as an alternative of detecting within sight automobiles or pedestrians, this robotic is skilled to stumble on such things as manufacturing unit portions or people in the actual global. And Elon [00:04:30] Musk desires to peer those robots in the actual global with other jobs, other skins and appears, or even other personalities. But when can we see it in the actual global? Well, that is nascent era and the demos we were given have been lovely restricted lifting containers or doing easy duties. Getting AI to paintings inside of tight obstacles could be very other from sending a robotic house to ma and pa for Christmas. But Tesla [00:05:00] is obviously lovely eager about creating a truth. And there is no doubt that what we were given from AI day in 2022 used to be an enormous jump ahead from closing 12 months after we were given a human dancing in a morph swimsuit.


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