I’ve attempted nearly each streaming carrier — and this one is unrivaled


At Tom’s Guide, we truly like HBO Max. It’s lately ranked as our highest streaming carrier total, and new staffers are leaping on board each day. At the chance of taking the street extra traveled, I additionally need to sing HBO Max’s praises. And that’s peculiar, bearing in mind that a couple of years in the past, I assumed that HBO had an impossibly messy and slender option to streaming.

The the reason why HBO Max succeeds the place such a lot of different streaming services and products flounder aren’t onerous to parse. You can watch an enormous number of very good presentations and films, and the interface places as little distance as conceivable between you and your media. Of all of the streaming services and products, best HBO Max turns out to understand that, all different issues being equivalent, audience don’t have an affinity for platforms; they really feel an affinity for the issues they watch. Brand loyalty to a streaming carrier is set as logical as emblem loyalty to a sweet bar wrapper.


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