Marvel’s Captain America-Black Panther Game Will Be ‘as Visually Dynamic as Cinema’


The Captain America-Black Panther World War II teamup online game was once a number of the most enjoyable bulletins at Disney’s D23 Expo previous this month. This Marvel-inspired recreation oozes attainable, since it is being led by way of a bona fide gaming legend: Uncharted writer Amy Hennig.

However, information about the sport from Skydance New Media are skinny at the floor — it does not also have a identify, let by myself a unlock date or platforms. We do have a teaser trailer and funky tagline: “Four Heroes. Two Worlds. One War.” 

We additionally know it will megastar a fresh-faced Cap/Steve Rogers; T’Challa’s grandfather Azzuri because the WWII-era Black Panther; Gabriel Jones, a US soldier and the one Black member of Cap allies the Howling Commandos); and Nanali, the chief of the fledgling Wakandan undercover agent community). Cap and Black Panther are right away recognizable, however Jones and Nanali don’t seem to be just about as widely recognized. 

The journey will kick off in Nazi-occupied Paris, and terrorist staff Hydra shall be as much as no just right.

Hennig is the important thing issue raising this venture. Beyond her function within the early Uncharted titles, she was once the writer-director in the back of sequence like Legacy of Kain (which holds a unique position in my middle), in addition to Jak and Daxter. Acting as tale advisor is Marc Bernardin, who is additionally a supervising manufacturer on Star Trek: Picard and a publisher on Netflix He-Men sequence Masters of the Universe: Revelation.

I confess to being quietly starstruck once I sat down with Hennig and Bernardin after the sport’s D23 divulge. I requested them in regards to the circumspect divulge, the Marvel tales they have been encouraged by way of, how they hope to attract in an target audience past hard-core players and the Star Wars recreation Hennig is operating on. Here’s a transcript of our chat, evenly edited for readability.

Q. This recreation’s divulge was once interesting. It was once so circumspect. I used to be like, “They do not have a identify for this?”
Hennig: Yeah, who wishes a identify? We were given a tagline. It’s tremendous early nonetheless, so it could be means too quickly for a gameplay trailer. And so far as no longer having a identify is going, it is a problem — there is not any Marvel title to indicate to mention “We’re making this.” 

It’s gotta land like a Marvel Comics title that does not exist but — that is no small feat when you find yourself speaking about an organization that is been round so long as Marvel has and has used each phrase within the dictionary. Coming up with one thing that is easy and feels find it irresistible’s been round perpetually, that is gonna take a little time. 

Amy Hennig and Marc Bernardin reveal their Marvel game at D23

Amy Hennig and Marc Bernardin speak about their Marvel recreation at Disney’s D23 Expo in September.


So we have been like, “Do we lengthen just a little, pulling the curtain again on our recreation, simply because we have now a complete procedure that is going to take time?” Nah, simply put an excellent tagline up there and let other people name it no matter they would like at this time. We’re simply so desperate to proportion that it felt synthetic to attend till we have now long gone via that entire procedure with the entire events — Marvel, Skydance, all of our different companions who are gonna wish to weigh in on that.

I’ve were given CapPanther in my head for now. You surely gave us a just right sense of what the gameplay shall be like, in that it is going to lift one of the DNA of your older video games. Can you make bigger on that?
Hennig: What we are making is firmly within the journey area. We’re so desirous about storytelling in those finds and interviews that individuals can mistake that for being roughly a choose-your-own-adventure. No, it has got all that two-fisted, moment-to-moment motion of the type of video games I made sooner than.

Nathan Drake rides a zipline towards a ruined building in Uncharted 2.

The motion in Hennig’s Marvel recreation shall be acquainted to someone who is performed Uncharted, however the developer desires to attract a much wider target audience in.

Naughty Dog

The primary distinction is that we wish to invite extra other people into play. Games have got an increasing number of advanced, quite intimidating. Even for longtime players, you might have gotta construct your self up: “OK, let’s play that recreation.”

Having one thing this is in an instant inviting and intuitive, and with contextual controls that help you really feel like you might be immersed in embodying those heroes, that is the purpose. So no longer most effective does it provide you with an immersive revel in, however it additionally invitations other people may in a different way be intimidated to select up the keep an eye on.

That sounds a bit of innovative.
Hennig: I feel so. This is a part of the problem of establishing a crew. I’ve been doing this for over 3 many years, and the crew has a median of twenty years of revel in on this space, however to deliver other people on who’re in a position to discard one of the dogma of what we have now finished previously… [That’s] a amusing position to be.

We’re doing tremendous other stuff with the cameras, since this entire feeling of cinematic presentation is so necessary. It must be as visually dynamic as cinema. The digicam composition adjustments continuously — doing stuff you do not see in video games, however protecting the participant in second-to-second keep an eye on. There’s no roadmap.

I used to be going to invite you to check it to one thing else, however it does not sound like you’ll be able to.
Hennig: Most of the DNA is from stuff that I made sooner than, however we checked out these kind of different video games which can be doing attention-grabbing issues with extra contextual controls, like Quantic Dream’s video games [which include 2010’s Heavy Rain and 2018’s Detroit: Become Human]. But the ones are very other forms of video games. We’re nonetheless making a standard AAA action-adventure recreation however in some way that are supposed to be extra intuitive to gamers.

Non-gamers and informal players will be capable to grapple with the controls immediately. For skilled players, they will in an instant be capable to work out the place the intensity is and mix sure strikes. It’s about maximizing revel in, no longer about beating the sport; feeling like you might be on this float state, embodying those heroes and being carried by way of propulsion of the tale versus feeling like you might be attempting to overcome it.

So it is much less of a mechanical revel in?
Hennig: Less of a tactical mechanical revel in. With such a lot of video games, there is an admirable effort to take a look at to copy the core delusion of being a hero, however so hardly ever do you get to take action since you’re so tactically engaged and there is a lot to regulate.

We sought after to make one thing the place you’ll be able to pick out up the controller and the sport meets you the place you might be, translates what your intentions are and honors them. It should not be so challenging.


The 2018 Black Panther drew in an target audience past superhero lovers.

Marvel Studios

Bernardin: When I first spoke to Amy about becoming a member of this crew to assist information and construct the tale, she was once very interested by the concept as a result of it is Marvel, we have been gonna get an enormous target audience who simply sought after to play as a result of they love Marvel — it is the preferred IP [intellectual property] in the world. 

So that is a host of people that possibly have by no means performed a recreation sooner than. Just like my mom had by no means observed a Marvel film sooner than Black Panther. It’s about discovering as giant an target audience as imaginable, understanding how one can invite them to the celebration and no longer confronting them with 800 buttons.

The ensemble solid made me suppose this shall be a co-operative multiplayer recreation, however that is not the type of recreation I go together with Amy Hennig.
Hennig: We wish to disabuse other people of any of the improper notions in regards to the recreation — this can be a single-player recreation, and so the 4 characters are all playable at other issues within the tale. Like a TV display or a film, the place you might be chopping between other characters. Because that is the customary strategy to inform the tale that video games hardly ever do. 

So there are key issues within the tale in accordance with what is going down and what those characters are seeking to accomplish in parallel and even operating at odds. That raises the stakes. And we will be able to minimize backward and forward between the ones characters, even actually temporarily minimize backward and forward, and be actually inventive like that. 

That actually necessitates that this be a unmarried participant revel in. It’s no longer like you might be opting for which persona to play, it is not like you might be enjoying co-op multiplayer. There’s a… I roughly hate the time period linear tale, as a result of I at all times attempt to make video games that really feel extensively linear and feature a lot of participant company, however the tale has a starting, center and finish, with landmarks in between. 

The persona switching makes me recall to mind Legacy of Kain: Defiance [the 2003 series finale, which saw you jump between protagonists Kain and Raziel]. Is {that a} affordable comparability?
Hennig: It’s no longer a foul analogy — it is coming from the similar position. Good storytelling incessantly captures other views. You can have one protagonist, however it is not informed fully from one persona’s viewpoint.

You’re type of leaping round between the characters within the tale… very other than what we did in Uncharted as a result of that stayed with the protagonist. You do not even minimize away to what the villains are doing. 

We’re pushing for this concept, like what we completed with Uncharted, of this shared front room revel in the place the non-gamers within the circle of relatives are simply as invested. 

We additionally need the folk to be like, “I would like to take a look at,” and you might be passing the controller round, enjoying it in combination. We are not looking for it to really feel find it irresistible’s this remoted revel in the place you slink off to play this recreation — it must be one thing a circle of relatives would do in combination identical to they could watch a display as a gaggle.

I slinked off to play many a recreation as I grew up, I nonetheless roughly do. But gaming has turn out to be a lot more mainstream within the remaining decade or so. And I assume that is about making it extra available once more?
Long time period, simply to get roughly philosophical on you, I feel we are inevitably transferring in opposition to this sort of surprising subject material current on a streaming carrier and simply getting Trojan-horsed into our houses. And our trade is gonna get remodeled identical to track streaming remodeled that trade. 

If a recreation like this was once one click on away, on a subscription carrier you might be already subscribed to, how would you interact with it? How would we be welcoming you frictionlessly into that have? We’re nonetheless in a console international, we are nonetheless designing a console recreation with a pad, however we are additionally fascinated with [the streaming] international. We’ve were given to fulfill gamers the place they’re, relating to their convenience, their revel in stage, and the place they are enjoying. And make the gameplay so intuitive that they may be able to actually simply get started enjoying with none hindrances.

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That doesn’t mean making dumbed-down games at all. It means we should be inviting everybody in. On a deeper level, experienced gamers might really understand how they can choreograph their experience in an even more satisfying way that rewards their skill.

World War II is a surprising time to set it in, especially with Cap and three Black characters. Can you talk about the dynamic they’ll have in that era?
Bernardin: Once the decision was made that it was going to be a Cap and Black Panther story, it was gonna be about these two worlds colliding. To bring Azzuri (T’Challa’s grandfather) from Wakanda and Nanali, the first agent of its fledgling spy network, to the West. 

Then we needed a foil for Cap, who has similar experience to Cap’s in the war — different but still complementary. The idea of [a Black character like] Gabriel Jones assembly a king of Wakanda, to find that [a technologically advanced African country like] Wakanda exists, having grown up within the ’20s in America, after which he is in Europe all the way through the conflict. What should that be like, to peer the likelihood? The battle is so attention-grabbing,

We may just’ve put an Irish American soldier like Dum Dum Dugan or a Japanese American one like Jim Morita in, however none of that was once as attention-grabbing as Gabriel Jones finding that Wakanda exists after which questioning “Why can not I’m going?” He’s as as enarmored with Captain America as everyone else however in a position to show “Y’know Cap, it ain’t like this for everyone.”

I will’t visualize what Wakanda was once like in that period? Is this totally new territory? I’m certain the comics have explored it someday.
Hennig: It hasn’t been deeply explored. One inspiration was once Reginald Hudlin’s Flags of Our Fathers [a 2010 Captain America/Black Panther WWII teamup story]. He explored this concept of a danger coming to Wakanda, with Steve and the Howling Commandos America chasing the danger there and colliding with Azzuri, the Black Panther of the time. This was once a actually crucial tale [for us].

Captain America and Black Panther battle on a Flags of Our Fathers comic cover

Captain America & Black Panther: Flags of Our Fathers serves an inspiration for the sport.

Marvel Comics

Bernadin: There are references in flashbacks, in a host of various comics. But it was once fertile floor, like no person had tilled the soil but. So we attempted to determine how a long way forward of the remainder of the arena Wakanda is at any given time — is it 10 years? 50 years? 100? Do they have got flying vehicles? And then throttling again in order that they nonetheless have flaws and weaknesses, and we are not giving them magic bullets that may clear up each downside. 

I love to assume it seems like the ’90s — Wakanda of the ’40s is what the West seems like within the ’90s.
Bernadin: Very grunge.

Is this set in an current continuity? I suppose this can be a entire new factor.
Hennig: Yeah, in Marvel Comics, there are many realities and tales to be informed. The inventive crew at Marvel does not need other people sure up with current canon and the way you are compatible within it. It’s extra of a gut-check to verify it does not really feel like you might be basically contradictory — one thing that feels true about those characters and this international. People can also be coming to this recreation simply as MCU lovers, comedian lovers or no matter and must really feel find it irresistible knits in combination the ones studies.

Bernadin: It does not contradict the rest you consider to be true. If we get the target audience we would like for this recreation, it is numerous individuals who’ve by no means performed sooner than, who do not needless to say siloing of recreation area as opposed to MCU area — it will possibly all be something. In reality, it does not harm when you consider that it’s. Suddenly, you might be like, “Oh, this isn’t the primary Black Panther that Steve Rogers has met. Cool.” 

Hennig: It’s an ensemble of 2 superheroes and two non-superheroes. We did not wish to have 4 superheroes, we needed to have two people who find themselves customary; that raises the stakes for them and for the superheroes who’ve those squishy characters along them. It’s a extra attention-grabbing ensemble than too many superpowered characters.

We additionally were given to take some characters who have possibly been sidelined and transfer them into the foreground. Nanali was once very a lot within the background [in her comic appearances], that was once virtually a whole clean slate for us to play with. But we adore the truth that as an alternative of utterly inventing a personality, we begin from the title and cross from there.

Since you might be this recreation’s tale advisor, Marc, are you able to inform me about your historical past with those characters? 
Bernardin: My historical past with Captain America is going again to the 1979 TV film, which I watched as a result of I used to be an enormous fan of The Incredible Hulk display. But I’ve been a comic book reader since — I’m going beautiful deep on each Marvel and DC, however most commonly Marvel. Encountering Black Panther and Steve Rogers was once at all times simply a part of that have. I used to be by no means an enormous fan of both till a lot a lot later — till Ed Brubaker’s run on Captain America, inventing the Winter Soldier and all that stuff. 

The Ta-Nehisi Coates run on Black Panther was once my access level [for that character], which then despatched me again to the Christopher Priest run after which Reginald Huldlin run

But they got here in combination as a couple for me within the MCU, in particular in that Avengers: Infinity War scene the place the dangerous guys are breaking throughout the gates of Wakanda and the heroes have to move out and meet them. The two other people on the entrance of that push are Steve Rogers and T’Challa, the Black Panther. They’re the blokes who will at all times run to the battle first — no longer simply because they are sooner than everyone else, however as a result of that is who they’re. 

[I like] the speculation of the usage of the ones two characters as type of proxies for telling a tale about first touch [with between the US and Wakanda] a few conflict, about worlds colliding. 

Amy, are you able to say the rest about that Star Wars recreation Skydance is operating on? I suppose it is nonetheless a ways off.
Hennig: We’re nonetheless a rising crew, and we are nonetheless putting in our pipelines and discovering our ft. So it is not like we are seeking to paintings on two issues without delay. 

Skydance New Media is working on a Star Wars game.

Skydance New Media could also be operating on a Star Wars recreation, however it will most likely be some time sooner than we see the rest past this teaser symbol.


We’re in steady dialog with Lucasfilm about this factor, which is up subsequent within the queue, what sort of tale we wish to inform and the way that pertains to what we are doing now, relating to the applied sciences and the mechanics that we have now putting in and the way the ones philosophies lift over from one to the following. So it is surely in thoughts, however clearly Marvel is No. 1  at this time.

Can you assert once we may listen in regards to the Marvel recreation once more?
Hennig: We want to cross darkish for just a little bit. We sought after to only get a peek in the market, put sufficient little clues and tantalizing tidbits in the ones pictures to get other people chattering. But we simply gotta cross heads down till our subsequent subsequent divulge, which shall be gameplay, so we are operating challenging on all that. 


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