Rollerdrome is Doom Eternal on curler skates – and it’s as excellent because it sounds


I’m rollerskating at most pace and nonetheless a sniper’s laser sight is pinned to my torso. I stay up for the overall second, simply after they’re about to drag the cause, to dodge the incoming bullet and fireplace my shotgun – proper on the brute swinging a spiked membership at my brow. After beelining for the closest half-pipe, I spin a nostril snatch mid-air to refill my pistol ammo, and land on a grind rail – heading instantly for the marksmen.

Now it’s only a case of capturing a couple of homing rockets out of the air, attractive gradual movement, and unloading my twin pistols – all earlier than wall-grinding to protection. I believe like a gun-toting martial artist on wheels. I seem like a high-speed jumpsuit of loss of life. And I’m having a fantastic quantity of amusing.

This is Rollerdrome, an upcoming single-player area shooter from Roll7 that indicators you as much as the titular fictional bloodsport. Made up of a sequence of deathmatches that string in combination into an entire single-player narrative marketing campaign, Rollerdrome demanding situations you to combat waves of enemies throughout battle arenas strewn with skatepark paraphernalia. With not anything however a narrow arsenal of guns in hand and a couple of rollerskates to your toes, you’ll be pumping up combinations, ticking off demanding situations, and acting a complete bunch of ill methods worthy of probably the most excessive sports activities video games.

Several enemies firing towards the player character in Rollerdrome

(Image credit score: Roll7)

While lead manufacturer Drew Jones pithily describes Rollerdrome as “a shooter on rollerskates”, studio fanatics would possibly acknowledge it extra as a mash-up of 2 of Roll7’s earlier releases. Combining the fluid cell-shaded skating of Olli Olli with the frenetic area survival of Laser League, the sport’s taken a strikingly unusual premise to what might be its zenith.


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