Watch Elon Musk Unveil Optimus Robot Prototype – Video


Speaker 1: [00:00:30] Got some boobs. [00:01:00] So that is necessarily the similar mobile riding pc that runs to your Tesla automobiles. By the best way,

Speaker 2: This

Speaker 3: Is the, is actually the primary time the robotic has operated with no tether, used to be on degree this night. [00:01:30] So, so, um, so the robotic can in reality do much more than we simply confirmed you. We simply did not need it to fall on [00:02:00] its face. Uh, so we’re going to, we’re going to <snort> we’re going to, we’re going to display you some movies now of the robotic doing a number of different issues, um, Yeah. Which are much less dangerous. Um, Yeah,

Speaker 1: We must shut the display screen guys.

Speaker 3: Yeah.

Speaker 1: Yeah. We sought after to turn a bit of bit extra what we have finished over the last few months with the bud and simply strolling round and dancing on degree. Uh, [00:02:30] simply humble beginnings, however, uh, you’ll be able to see the autopilot neural networks sprinting as is simply retrained for the bud, uh, at once on that, on that new platform. That’s my watering can.

Speaker 3: Yeah. When you, whilst you see a rendered view that is, that is the robotic, what is the, that is the global the robotic sees. So it is, it is very obviously figuring out gadgets that, like that is the thing it must select up, choosing it up. Um, yeah,

Speaker 1: We [00:03:00] use the similar procedure as we did for Pido to glue information and educate neural networks that we then deploy at the robotic. Uh, that is an instance that illustrates the higher frame a bit of bit extra. Something that may like, attempt to nail down in a couple of months over the following couple of months, I’d say, Um, to perfection,

Speaker 4: This, that is in reality a real station within the Fremont manufacturing unit as neatly that it is running at.

Speaker 3: Yep. So,

Speaker 4: [00:03:30] And that isn’t the one factor we need to display lately,

Speaker 3: Right? Yeah, completely. So, um, that, that what you noticed used to be, uh, what we name Bumble Sea. That’s our, uh, uh, form of tough building robotic, uh, the usage of semi off the shelf actuators. Um, however we in reality, uh, have long gone a step additional than that. Um, already the staff’s finished an improbable process, um, and we in reality have, uh, an optimist bot with, uh, [00:04:00] absolutely Tesla designed and constructed actuators, um, battery pack, uh, keep an eye on gadget, the entirety. Um, it, it, it wasn’t rather able to stroll, uh, but it surely, I feel it’s going to stroll in a couple of weeks. Um, however we would have liked to turn you the, the robotic, uh, the, the, one thing that is in reality rather with regards to what we’re going to move into manufacturing and, um, and display you all all of the issues it might probably do. So let’s convey it out.

Speaker 1: Do it.

Speaker 2: [00:05:00] Yeah.

Speaker 3: So right here you are announcing, uh, optimist with, uh, those, the, with the levels of freedom that we think to have in optimist manufacturing unit one, uh, which is the facility to transport, uh, all of the palms independently, uh, transfer the, uh, [00:05:30] to have the thumb have, uh, two levels of freedom. Uh, so it has opposable thumbs and, uh, each left and proper hand, so it is ready to perform gear and do helpful issues. Our purpose is to make, um, a, an invaluable humanoid robotic as temporarily as imaginable. And, uh, we have additionally designed it the usage of the similar self-discipline that we use in designing the automobile, which is to mention, to, to design it for production, uh, such that it is imaginable to make the robotic at, in, in prime quantity, uh, at [00:06:00] low value, uh, with prime reliability. So that, that is extremely vital. I imply, you may have all observed very spectacular humanoid, uh, robotic demonstrations, um, and that that is nice, however what are they lacking? Um, they are lacking a mind that they, they do not have the, the intelligence to navigate the sector, uh, through themselves. And they are, they are additionally very dear, um, and made in low quantity. Um, while, uh, this, that is optimist is designed and intensely succesful robotic, however made in, in [00:06:30] very prime quantity, most definitely in the long run hundreds of thousands of devices. Um, and it, it, it’s anticipated to price a lot lower than a automobile. I’ll simply convey it at once to the suitable right here. Uh, I’d say most definitely lower than $20,000 could be my wager.


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