Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Battle System Guide: Arts, Combos and More Explained


Like earlier video games within the collection, the brand new Nintendo Switch RPG Xenoblade Chronicles 3 boasts a deep combat gadget with many transferring portions to believe. While the in-game tutorials do a just right process progressively acclimating you to the fundamentals, parsing out useful classes over the process the sport’s first few hours, there are nonetheless many nuances that are not defined reasonably as completely.

If you might be suffering to wrap your head round fight, here is a information that will help you grasp Xenoblade Chronicles 3’s combat gadget.

The Basics

As in earlier Xenoblade video games, battles play out in actual time in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

To begin a combat, means an enemy and press the A button to attract your weapon. If the foe proves to be harder than you to begin with anticipated, you’ll be able to additionally cling the A button to sheathe your weapon and flee. 

While engaged in fight, you’ll be able to maneuver your personality across the battlefield freely. Your personality will even mechanically unharness fundamental assaults when close to the foe. These are just right for softening up the enemy till your Arts (detailed underneath) are in a position to make use of.


In addition to the elemental auto-attacks, each and every personality has a collection of particular strikes referred to as Arts. These are assigned to other face buttons at the controller, and run the gamut from destructive assaults to therapeutic and debuff strikes.

There are two sorts of Arts in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Standard Arts will progressively price up as you might be engaged in combat. Once an Art is totally charged, press its corresponding button to unharness it. The transfer will then go through a cooldown length, rendering it unusable for a collection period of time till it recharges.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 battle screenshot

Each personality on your birthday celebration has get admission to to another suite of particular strikes referred to as Arts.


Execute your Arts smartly and you’ll be able to additionally refill the gauge in your Talent Arts. These are class-specific particular strikes which might be assigned to the A button, they usually deal much more injury or have any other particular houses. For example, Noah’s Talent Art, Overclock Buster, will inflict further injury when used on an enemy this is Dazed. 

Since Talent Arts take for much longer to price up than usual Arts, it is crucial to attend till probably the most opportune second to make use of them.

Canceling Attacks

As in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, a very powerful combat technique in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is to “cancel” your assaults. Use an Art the instant you connect to an auto-attack and you’ll be able to see a blue circle seem round your personality, signifying you may have effectively canceled the auto-attack.

There are two major advantages to canceling assaults. First, you’ll be able to transition into the Art you simply decided on a lot more easily, letting you deal injury extra temporarily. Second, effectively canceling assaults will lend a hand increase your Chain Attack gauge – extra on that underneath.


Combos are some other important combat technique in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, they usually paintings just like they did in earlier video games.

Many Arts within the sport can inflict a standing situation at the enemy. Noah’s Sword Strike Art, for instance, will inflict Break on a foe when they are hit from the aspect, staggering them and leaving them vulnerable to strikes that inflict Topple. You’ll create mixtures by way of effectively causing those standing prerequisites in the right kind order.

Two easy however efficient mixtures are as follows:

  • Break > Topple > Daze
  • Break > Topple > Launch > Smash

Although Xenoblade Chronicles 3 means that you can switch between characters throughout combat, you’ll be able to usually need to center of attention on controlling one by one. This manner you’ll be able to ceaselessly want to depend on your AI teammates to proceed the combination chain you began. Fortunately, your partners are reasonably sensible and can typically use the precise Arts when wanted.

Chain Attacks

Early on within the journey, you’ll be able to release the facility to make use of Chain Attacks. Perform smartly in combat by way of developing mixtures and canceling assaults, and you’ll be able to progressively refill your Chain Attack gauge. 

Once a Chain Attack has been initiated, you’ll be able to workforce up along with your partners and unharness a chain of sequential assaults with each and every personality. As you carry out those assaults, you’ll be able to gather Tactical Points, or TP, which is able to cause a formidable Chain Art transfer when you organize to exceed 100% TP.


Another new combat mechanic in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is Interlink. Partway during the journey, you’ll be able to acquire the facility to fuse two characters in combination into a formidable blended shape referred to as an Ouroboros. 

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 battle screenshot

By Interlinking, two characters can tackle a formidable, blended shape referred to as an Ouroboros.


While an Ouroboros, your characters will dish out extra injury than they might for my part. However, this change is simplest brief; after extended use, your Ouroboros will in the end overheat, and the 2 characters will separate. As such, it would be best to save Interlinking so that you could clinch the combat.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 can be receiving a number of waves of DLC over the following few months as a part of its Expansion Pass. The first wave introduced along the sport and gives particular costumes for each and every personality, along side a number of useful bonus pieces. Future waves will upload new quests, hero characters, and tale content material.


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