AAXA P8 Portable Projector Review: Teeny Price, Tiny Size, Totally Bright


The AAXA P8 is small and inexpensive even in comparison to different transportable projectors I’ve reviewed. The Nebula Capsule is nearly as minuscule however it is a whopping 20% dearer. Impressively, the P8 has a full-size HDMI enter, Bluetooth and a headphone jack. Disappointingly, it isn’t powered by way of USB, so it’s a must to use the incorporated energy adapter, which provides bulk to an differently minuscule package deal. It additionally lacks a battery. The symbol high quality is okay, given its worth and length, however like its larger brother, the P6X, gentle output is its primary energy.


  • Literally suits within the palm of your hand
  • Bright for its length and value
  • Some integrated streaming

Don’t Like

  • Not powered by the use of USB
  • 540p answer
  • A couple of insects within the menus

The P8 is so much brighter than it has any proper to be. I measured 230 lumens, which is round part what the P6X places out however an enormous 2.5x what I measured with the Capsule. Plus, there are a handful of streaming apps inbuilt, which is no doubt handy. So total, for the associated fee, you get a large symbol from a tiny, tiny projector.

Pico pico

  • Native answer: 960×540 pixels
  • HDR-compatible: No
  • 4K-compatible: No
  • 3-D-compatible: No
  • Lumens spec: 430
  • Zoom: No
  • Lens shift: No
  • Lamp existence (Normal mode): ~30,000 hours

The P8 isn’t an HD answer projector. It’s slightly greater than same old definition with 960×540 pixels. As a end result, the pixels will also be rather glaring and visual with all however the smallest of projected photographs. Today the most cost effective TVs have a minimum of HD answer however projectors are a unique animal. Given the dimensions and value of the P8 it is neither sudden nor a deal breaker.

AAXA claims 430 lumens of sunshine output, and I measured roughly 230 at the P8. To put that during standpoint, the in a similar fashion sized and priced Anker Nebula Capsule places out 85, whilst the dearer Xiaomi Mi Smart Projector 2 handiest controlled 162. The P8 is even brighter than the dearer Samsung Freestyle, which places out 197 lumens in spite of its $800 price ticket. The larger P6X places out 437.

There’s no lens shift or zoom: Focus is accomplished by the use of a small wheel at the facet. 

The LEDs are rated for 30,000 hours. You’re a ways much more likely to lose the P8 between the settee cushions earlier than the LEDs die out.

Ins and outs

The AAXA P8's back panel, with an HDMI input and headphone output.

The AAXA P8’s again panel, with an HDMI enter and headphone output. On the facet are the USB inputs.

Geoffrey Morrison/unitechradar

  • HDMI inputs: 1
  • USB ports: 2 (A and C)
  • Audio output: Headphone output/Bluetooth
  • Internet: 2.4GHz/5GHz
  • Remote: Not backlit

There’s a full-size HDMI enter, which simply makes the P8 more uncomplicated to are living with when put next to a couple projectors that use micro- or mini-HDMI and require an adapter. Surprisingly, for the dimensions and value, there are a handful of integrated streaming apps. Netflix and YouTube are the headliners, joined by way of Twitch, Vimeo, Haystack News and Tubi. 

If you dig into the P8’s menus you’ll be able to in finding the much-dreaded Aptoide retailer. This is a semi-offshoot of the Google Play Store: There are some apps you can acknowledge and so much that you will not. Worse, the vast majority of them do not paintings as you’ll be expecting. Aptoide is commonplace amongst lower-priced projectors.

Like all affordable projectors it makes use of a cellular model of Netflix, extra like what you’ll in finding to your telephone. This manner the interface is much less user-friendly the usage of a far flung, which it’s a must to use since there is not any AAXA app. It additionally manner you’ll be able to’t solid to the projector out of your telephone since Netflix thinks the projector itself is a supply. So, oddly, it’s essential theoretically solid FROM the projector TO every other show. I did not take a look at this, however that is what it says on display. It says numerous issues on display, like different error messages, pop-ups which are tricky to do away with, and extra. I did, ultimately, get it operating, so it is in there. Just do not be expecting the graceful enjoy such as you get on maximum different units.

YouTube works as you’ll hope, although, letting you select what you wish to have to your telephone and solid it over to the projector (oddly, categorised “ATV_229” now not P8 or AAXA). 

A Lego man that looks like the writer leans against the AAXA P8 projector.

Action shot of me shifting projectors round my lab. Which is yellow.

Geoffrey Morrison/unitechradar

There’s a unmarried 2-watt driving force. I did not be expecting a lot deep bass and room-filling sound out of one thing the dimensions of a tweeter however this speaker is lovely quiet. Fortunately there may be Bluetooth or a headphone jack in the event you favor analog, so you’ll be able to upload an exterior speaker (which I extremely suggest).

Another unhappiness is the shortcoming to energy the projector the usage of USB. Instead, it comes with a normal energy adapter wall wart. There’s a USB-C enter at the facet, but it surely does not energy the unit. A projector this small, powered off a USB battery pack, can be wonderful. I’m positive we will get one thing like that finally however within the period in-between you can wish to lug the adapter round to make use of the P8..

The tiny far flung is so long as one in all my arms and squeezes in all of the essential buttons, however onerous to make use of at nighttime as they are all of the similar length and form.

Picture high quality comparisons

The AAXA P8 pico projector with a starburst light coming from the lens.

Geoffrey Morrison/unitechradar

I pitted the P8 in opposition to the AAXA P6X and the Anker Nebula Capsule. The Capsule is a most likely competitor for the P8, at more or less the similar worth and roughly a identical length. One’s a dice, the opposite’s a cylinder, however each are “pocket sized.” The P6X is each slightly better and slightly dearer. It’s in the associated fee ballpark, although, and actually it is just relatively better. I attached them to a Monoprice 1×4 distribution amplifier and when put next them side-by-side-by-side on a 102-inch 1.0-gain display.

The P6X is such a lot brighter than the opposite two it virtually turns out like a unique elegance of projector. It has 437 lumens vs the P8’s 230. The Capsule is just visual when compared, with handiest 85 lumens. In equity, the P6X is dearer and bigger. Larger being relative once we’re speaking tiny projectors. Picture high quality is not that a lot other between the AAXAs, rather than the brightness. Which is to mention, it isn’t nice, however given the associated fee and length, now not unacceptable.

Focusing, pun meant, at the P8 and Capsule, the comparability is nearer… ultimately. The P8’s image high quality out of the field is abysmal. It’s so over-sharpened it seems like the “earlier than” symbol in an exposé concerning the evils of edge enhancement. Thankfully, there is a modicum of image changes, one thing that cannot be stated of the Capsule. Switching to the User image mode and dialing the Sharpness down from “caricature” to “that is as just right as SD seems” does wonders for the whole symbol.

The AAXA P8 held in a hand.

Geoffrey Morrison/unitechradar

With that achieved, and the colour temp within the heat mode, it provides the Capsule a run for its cash. While the Capsule does not have any image changes, it seems high quality out of the field. It may glance higher, I’m positive, with some tweaking, however we will by no means know. Does the inclusion of image settings imply the P8 can glance higher than the Capsule? Sort of. More that it brings them in line and they are each similarly “off” simply in several tactics. Colors are not correct. Color temperature is not both. It’s now not rather cartoonish, however neither glance in particular real looking both. 

One sudden side of the P8’s efficiency is its distinction ratio. I measured a mean distinction ratio of 558:1, which is a lot better than anything else underneath $1000 that I’ve measured in contemporary reminiscence. So it seems a ways much less washed out than the Capsule, which averages simply 192:1. So that, blended with the added brightness, does push the P8 in entrance on the subject of total symbol high quality.

Do those videophile details topic for sub-$300 projectors? Probably now not. I’d say different sides are extra necessary, which brings us to what I believe are the 2 maximum necessary variations between the Capsule and the P8: brightness and batteries.

The credit card style remote for the AAXA P8.

Geoffrey Morrison/unitechradar

The P8’s brightness is borderline outstanding for its length and value. It places way more pricey projectors to disgrace. At ~50-inches that is brilliant sufficient to look with some lighting on. Even at 100 inches, it is a usable symbol. Other than the P6X I do not know of every other projector this length that may do this. I’m now not announcing you can use an faulty, 540p projector as your primary TV… however for $250 it’s essential do worse.

The Capsule can not compete on brightness, but it surely does have a battery. The P8 does now not. That’s a sport changer, or perhaps a unique product class. You can put the Capsule in a backpack and watch a film at the facet of a tent. I believe, for numerous folks, that is the primary use for a projector this small. The P8 simply can not do this — now not with out a very lengthy extension twine. The P6X positive can, although, for slightly more cash and a bigger unit.

Tiniest of the tiny

A Lego Man stands tall next to the AAXA P8 projector.

Geoffrey Morrison/unitechradar

The P8 is actually a pocket projector. You can are compatible it to your pocket. But it is a ways brighter than different projectors this length. It even has integrated Netflix and YouTube as an added bonus. I want it recharged by the use of USB-C, making it in reality off-the-grid transportable. But if off-the-grid transportable is what you wish to have, the P6X is just a little bit dearer (and bigger), or the Capsule is simply as small however a ways dimmer than each.

It’s a sexy particular area of interest the P8 suits into: tiny length, tiny worth, massive brightness and no battery. An anomalous amalgam of attributes that by hook or by crook works. It’s onerous to not like 230 lumens for not up to $250.


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