‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Review: Playful Throwback Sets Phasers to Fun


The USS Enterprise is again and boldly returning to its original-series roots in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. Beaming all the way down to planets! Weird diseases! Submarines in area! Shirts coming off!

Strange New Worlds premieres on Paramount Plus on May 5, with new episodes streaming each and every Thursday. Right from the off, it is a rollicking go back to the normal Trek that longtime lovers would possibly’ve neglected within the contemporary wave of mold-breaking Star Trek displays like Discovery, Lower Decks, Prodigy and Picard. From its stirring new take at the usual collection theme song and chunky bridge consoles to its square-jawed captain and weekly episodic adventures, the collection is a playfully unfashionable romp.

That mentioned, Strange New Worlds takes the normal Trek components and stirs in more-modern parts, like deeper personality backstories and overarching storylines. But that is a ways looser than in Discovery and Picard, which have been powered virtually fully by means of ongoing plotlines.

The collection starts with Captain Christopher Pike hiding out within the snows of Montana after his misadventures in Star Trek: Discovery. You do not want to have saved up with Discovery: All you want to understand is he is haunted by means of visions of his personal dying and it is made him sprout a huge beard. Adventure briefly intrudes on Pike’s introspection, alternatively, as a Starfleet travel sweeps in and whisks him again to the Enterprise on a rescue challenge to save lots of his trusty first officer.

Celia Rose Gooding as endearing younger Cadet Uhura in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

James Dimmock/Paramount Plus

And then it is off to the races. In the primary 5 episodes made to be had to press, the Starship Enterprise has a brand new journey every week, doing vintage Trek stuff like investigating comets and negotiating treaties. Allegories are unsubtle. Lessons are discovered in private logs. And the manufacturing design additionally sidesteps considered one of my private bugbears about Discovery, that it used to be intended to be a prequel but seemed extra technologically complicated than any of the Trek that supposedly got here after. Strange New Worlds tempers this with its satisfyingly chunky starship aesthetic, all fireplace engine pink surfaces and bodily keep watch over consoles. 

Following the daring however slightly divisive departure from the Trek components in Discovery and Picard, it is tempting to peer Strange New Worlds as an olive department to disgruntled lovers. Within mins the display mentions Bob April, the USS Archer, Lieutenant Kirk and quite a lot of different bits of continuity which is able to make a Trekker’s pointy ears perk up. Cleverly, regardless that, a few of these references be offering a bait-and-switch to stay you to your feet.

While there are a number of new faces, the display takes its cue from the film reboots to deliver us new takes on vintage characters like Nurse Chapel and Cadet Uhura, led by means of Captain Pike and Number One (who gave the impression in the first actual Sixties pilot episode prior to being changed by means of the workforce we all know and love). And the creation of afflicted younger officer La’an Noonien-Singh is an impressed setup for long run drama. I’m specifically intrigued by means of a teasing glimpse of an usual collection enemy given a heightened air of threat and worry.

The new Enterprise workforce: Celia Rose Gooding as Uhura, Melissa Navia as Ortegas, Ethan Peck as Spock, Bruce Horak as Hemmer, Anson Mount as Captain Pike, Rebecca Romijn as Una, Jess Bush as Chapel, Christina Chong as La’an and Baby Olusanmokun as Dr. M’Benga.

Paramount Plus

At the guts of the display is Anson Mount’s Captain Pike. Sort of a brand new personality but additionally form of an outdated one, Pike suffers from being somewhat too very similar to Captain Kirk. Dispensing down-home, Western-inflected knowledge from the captain’s chair, Pike is principally Kirk with grey streaks. His nation retreat even seems like Kirk’s dream domestic in Generations. But the square-jawed but twinkling Mount is an immensely fascinating chief, and generously stocks the highlight with a workforce of officials who’re extra rounded than earlier bridge crews.

Celia Rose Gooding is especially endearing as younger Cadet Uhura, whilst Christina Chong will get the meatiest drama as La’an. For my cash, Ethan Peck is not as Spock-y because the smoldering Zachary Quinto within the motion pictures, however his dynamic with the remainder of the workforce is a laugh to observe. Rebecca Romijn has a bit of of a thankless job enjoying a stern first officer who is not Spock, however the display provides her sufficient room and a spotlight to slowly expand a personality of her personal.

While Strange New Worlds no doubt hearkens again to the unique collection, that does not imply it is staid or overly reverent. It’s playful, zingy stuff, pushed by means of a various forged having a laugh operating round of their swish Starfleet uniforms. When I say the collection takes its cue from the film reboot (starring Chris Pine as Captain Kirk, Zachary Quinto as Spock and Zoe Saldana as Uhura), I imply that those are more youthful variations of the acquainted characters. Younger, and sexier. Spock has his blouse off within the first 10 mins, and is readily tractor-beamed towards a love triangle with Chapel’s adorkable flirt, sparkily performed by means of Jess Bush.

And just like the film reboots and up to date TV displays, the full tone is playful and quippy. These Starfleet officials by some means make time for Joss Whedon-esque banter and soul-baring emotional confessions even at life-and-death moments. This helps to keep issues energetic, regardless that your mileage would possibly range with a constant barrage of strains like, “We no doubt pissed them off!” whilst they are intended to be busy dodging photon torpedoes. Also, it’s possible you’ll roll your eyes at every successively extra melodramatic revelation of overwrought tragic backstory for reputedly everybody at the send.

Still, Strange New Worlds is the Paramount Plus Trek display that in the end relaxes and embraces the vintage Trek structure, whilst nonetheless feeling contemporary and leading-edge. It jogged my memory of the 2005 Doctor Who revival: Clearly made with love by means of lovers of the unique collection, it jazzes up the theme song, seems to be deeper into the emotional dynamics between characters and whisks you off your ft with fast paced motion. If that insects you, smartly, return in your starbase and your usual collection VHS, Admiral Fun-Sponge. 

It is still noticed how this new collection will expand its ongoing plot threads thru its episodic structure. But in the beginning look, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is pleasing, irreverent hokum. Sure, beam me up, why now not.


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