Review and Comparison of Beelink Mini PCs

mini pc 2021.
mini pc 2021.

Beelink is the little brand that intends to make waves in the Mini PC world. Indeed, with small and nice configurations, and especially very aggressive prices, it is gradually creating a nice brand image. But what are Beelink mini PCs really worth?

intel mini PC

1. Beelink BT Pro II: ideal for IPTV

If you want to have a computer permanently connected to your TV to stream videos from the Internet, this model at a really low price, you can watch movies and listen to music (youtube, amazon video, etc.). Do not expect to play too much with it, its power is quite limited, of course, you can always play small simple games such as solitaire, card games, puzzles, etc. … Its disk space is also relatively small (64GB) to store large applications. You can however extend it if you wish.

Beelink BT3 Pro II Mini PC

It’s a good little machine that will compete without blushing an android IPTV box.

2. Beelink BT3-X Mini PC with Windows 10

Thanks to its 64-bit Intel Apollo Lake Celeron processor, this small PC promises to run relatively CPU-intensive applications. However, we can see that it still has trouble running a complete word processing application. So it will be a mini PC to be booked as a simple multimedia station.

Beelink BT3-X Licence Windows 10 Mini PC

he big advantage of this small computer is that it has 2 screen outputs (HDMI cables not included). So you can use it as a multiscreen machine, very useful for a video surveillance station for example, or to broadcast twice the same image in different locations (waiting room, etc.).

Disadvantage: its memory is not expandable.

3.Beelink U55 Mini PC with Intel Core i3-5005U processor

We go up in range with this model U55. This is a real computer with decent power. What allows to use of office automation tools without any concern, contrary to the models previously mentioned.

Thanks to its SSD disk, it starts very quickly, and the application opening is very fluid. Given its price, it is a machine that gets excellent consumer ratings on Amazon. The installation is very simple, once the keyboard and mouse are connected, just turn it on and follow the instructions.

Beelink U55 Mini PC

Advantage: a powerful and silent office pc !!! It has everything of a big one, except the size and the price!

Small Disadvantage: the USB port is not powerful enough to power several peripherals such as an external hard disk or webcam, so you have to buy in addition a powered USB hub. This is still the best mini PC in the Beelink range.

4. Beelink GK55: a small, simple, dedicated office PC

This small PC with a quad-core processor has everything to seduce office suite users. Its multi-core processor first of course, which will allow you to have several applications open without the computer having to row. Then the silence… This computer heats up little, which allows working in peace. Its 2 HDMI ports also allow you to connect it to 2 screens, if you need to have a bunch of open windows, this may be the computer you need, moreover, 2 HDMI cables are provided!

Beelink GK55 Mini PC avec Windows 10, Intel GeminiBeelink GK55 Mini PC avec Windows 10, Intel Gemini

However given its low video card, do not play with it, it is very limited in terms of graphics (Intel UHD Graphics 600 video card, we are light years away from an Nvidia or AMD Radéon).

5. Beelink GT King

If you’re looking for one of the best Android TV Boxes available today, chances are the Beelink GT King is the right choice.

The Beelink GT King comes in two versions, the differences of which are detailed below. The Beelink GT King runs Android 9.0 Pie, an operating system with a simple and intuitive interface and enough features to please those who want to equip their TV with smart features to make it a true Smart TV.

【Android 9.0】 Beelink GT King TV Box 4GB:64GB2021

The Beelink GT King is based on SoC Amlogic S922X, a six-core ARM processor based on Cortex A-73 (Quad-Core) and Cortex A-53 (Dual-Core) chips and a graphics part powered by a Mali G52 MP6 GPU. At the hardware level, the Beelink box is therefore relatively powerful, especially with the addition of 4 GB of DDR4 RAM clocked at 3,200 MHz.

On the storage and functionalities side, there is 64 GB of internal memory, support for dual-band Wi-Fi, a Gigabit Ethernet port, Bluetooth 4.1, but also support for the vast majority of audio and video formats. The program, therefore, includes 4K up to 60 frames per second and support for surround sound up to 5.1. It’s on this last point that the GT King Pro version does better: it adds DTS Listen and Dolby Audio technologies to its compatibility list and is, therefore, better equipped for a Hi-Fi audio experience. To do so, it gets an even better SoC with the Amlogic S992X-H.

In short, the Beelink GT King and GT King Pro are good mid-range alternatives. We’re still a long way from the possibilities offered by an NVIDIA Shield TV, but the main thing is there: connectivity, fluidity, voice control, wireless features, and so on. A convincing model for the price.


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