Simplehuman: The new non-contact soap dispenser

liquid sensor pump 2021
liquid sensor pump 2021

It is important to wash your hands several times a day to stay healthy and to avoid illness. With the new simplehuman germ-free, non-contact soap dispenser, you and your family can wash your hands to stay protected from germs. It quickly dispenses a precise amount of soap into the palm of your hand.


simplehuman‘s Non-Contact Soap Dispenser has a non-locking tube to dispense liquid soap when you need it, and you can control the amount dispensed simply by changing the position of your hands. The simplehuman Non-Contact Soap Dispenser does not require batteries as it recharges using the included charging cradle. In addition, it is easy to refill using the funnel-shaped opening and simplehuman soap.

A non-contact way to wash your hands

A standard soap dispenser involves touching or tapping it to obtain soap. Simply touching the pump throughout the day transfers germs from your hands to it and passes them on to other family members. Simplehuman’s non-contact, germ-free soap dispenser is touch-free and germ-free, allowing you to wash your hands without ever touching your dispenser.

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When you place your hands under simplehuman’s non-contact soap dispenser, you receive a quick and precise amount of soap. The pump system forces the liquid through a sealed, non-locking tube, dispensing a variety of soap or disinfectant in a fraction of a second.

It distributes the right amount of soap for everyone!

Regardless of the size of your hands, the best way to protect the whole family from illness is to wash your hands several times a day. The simplehuman soap dispenser has a setting that allows each member of the family to choose the right amount of soap. If you bring your hands together, you will receive a small amount of soap. Move your hands away to get a little more.

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Although it is an automatic soap dispenser, you don’t have to worry about replacing its batteries. The simplehuman soap dispenser can be recharged using the plug on the back. It’s easy to access, and a single refill lasts up to 3 months of hand washing.

Funnel-shaped opening for easy filling

Disposable soap dispensers can be expensive. Disposing of empty containers after they are finished using them also has an impact on the environment. Simplehuman’s non-contact soap dispenser is environmentally friendly because you can use it over and over again.

Not only does simplehuman’s non-contact soap dispenser make soap dispensing easier, but its funnel-shaped opening also makes filling easier. You can fill your non-contact soap dispenser without damage or excess soap with simplehuman’s reclosable bagged soap. With the IP67 rating of the non-contact soap dispenser, you can clean it by rinsing it in the sink so it always looks new.


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