Samsung’s New TVs: CES 2021

samsung microled 2021
samsung microled 2021

Once again this year, Samsung is announcing exciting new products at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2021). In addition to showcasing new technologies for its TVs, the Korean electronics giant has also announced that it intends to reduce its environmental footprint in the coming years.

The SolarCell remote control

To reduce the environmental footprint of remote controls, Samsung has introduced the SolarCell remote control that will accompany its new models. Made in part of recycled plastic, it uses solar energy, not battery power.

The back of the remote control features a small panel that can capture indoor light from, for example, a lamp. In other words, you won’t have to take your remote outside to recharge it. Just remember to put it on the right side when you’re done watching TV.

With this remote control, Samsung expects to prevent the disposal of approximately 99 million AAA batteries within seven years.


The Neo QLED is a new display technology that will equip Samsung’s high-end 4K (QN90A) and 8K (QN900A) TVs.

You will find in these TVs a host of innovations allowing you to have an even more realistic picture. For example, Quantum Mini LED is 40 times smaller than regular LEDs, which allows you to have a larger number of LEDs. With the help of Quantum Matrix technology, this technology allows for even more accurate blacks, whites, and tints.

TV Neo QLED 2021

The Neo Quantum Processor is another interesting addition. By using artificial intelligence and sixteen neural networks, it can enhance images, including those of lower quality than current resolutions, to obtain a quality display in 4K or 8K.

The sound also promises to be impressive. The Object Tracking Sound (OTS) Pro feature delivers more credible sound, closer to the immersive experience offered in movie theaters. In fact, Samsung has installed additional speakers at the top and bottom of its screens to make it easier and more intuitive for your ears to follow moving objects, such as a plane flying through the sky.

The micro LED

This year, Samsung’s MICRO LED TVs will be introduced. The manufacturer initially plans to launch 99 and 110-inch screens but assures that smaller diagonal screens will be available by the end of the year.

The technology, which uses small-format LED micro-lights, eliminates the need for traditional backlighting and color filters, resulting in better brightness. Indeed, the 24 million LEDs are autonomous and capable of producing their own lights and colors for incomparable contrast.


Another special feature is that both models can display up to four screens at the same time, thanks to their four HDMI ports.

A new The Frame

Launched in 2017, The Frame is a stunning television that displays over 1,400 works of art when turned off. The new 2021 edition is about half the size of the previous generation models. The result is a depth comparable to that of an ordinary photo frame.

The frame will be available in five different colors. To match The Frame to your décor, you will also have access to two customizable styles: beveled and modern.


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