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AMD finally overtakes Intel in the CPU market

In the processor market, there are two major rivals, Intel and AMD. Intel has always dominated the debate in terms of market share. Until...
TOZO T6 True Wireless Earbuds

The best wireless earbuds in 2021: Our complete guide

In 2021, wired accessories almost became history for everyday use. And it's been several years now since the wave of Apple AirPods began to...
best laptops 2021

How to choose the best laptop? Comparison, buying guide

Today there are thousands of references to laptops, with very different characteristics. There really is no better laptop, it all depends on your personal...
xRbloodPro. ©xRapid-group

xRblood Pro, for a quick and easy blood testing at home

Whenever a blood test is needed, it is necessary to travel to the laboratory, the hospital or to have a professional come to your...
mini pc 2021.

Review and Comparison of Beelink Mini PCs

Beelink is the little brand that intends to make waves in the Mini PC world. Indeed, with small and nice configurations, and especially very...
Sony Airpeak. 2021

SONY Unveils the new AIRPEAK: A Quadricop UAV capable of carrying a full-format SONY...

On the sidelines of CES, Sony returns to the forefront and unveils a little more about its future drone, named Sony Airpeak. Timidly announced...
ASUS ZenBook Flip S UX371. ©ASUS

Review of the New Asus Zenbook Flip S (UX371)

Asus is dusting off its Flip S for the end of 2020 by lending it the latest 11th generation Intel platform (Tiger Lake) and...
Microsoft Surface Laptop Go. ©Microsoft

Test of the Microsoft Surface Laptop Go

Microsoft has decided to expand its Surface range with a new model: the Microsoft Surface Laptop Go. A lightweight laptop at a mini price...

The Best Connected Wristbands in 2021

A selection of the best current smart Wristbands The connected wristbands or activity bracelets are an intelligent connected objects that measures your daily physical...
mercedes-benz ©

Mercedes-Benz launches the Hyperscreen, a gigantic 56-inch control screen

Mercedes-Benz unveils the Hyperscreen, a monstrous and mind-boggling 56-inch control screen. It will be integrated into the German manufacturer's first electric sedan, the Mercedes-Benz...