New MagSafe Wireless Car Charger: for iPhone 12 Pro Max

iphon 12 pro max
iphon 12 pro max
New iPhone often means a new plethora of accessories and it is not the arrival of MagSafe that will contradict that…

The integration of MagSafe on the iPhone 12 Pro Max heralds the future of the port free iPhone, Apple has always shown its desire to make the ports of its devices disappear, whether it is the classic USB on its new MacBook or the Jack plug on its new generation iPhone. For my part, I’m not really ready for 100% wireless but we’ll have time to get used to it… But what I like are the current advantages of MagSafe. Not only does it allow a faster 15W wireless charge, but it also opens the doors to new innovative MagSafe accessories for the iPhone 12 Pro Max. My favorites are the MagSafe wireless charging cradles for the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which offer a better mounting and charging experience. In this article, we will list our favorites.

The best MagSafe Wireless Car Charging Car Holders for iPhone 12 Pro Max

Due to the new MagSafe feature in the iPhone 12 Pro Max, there are not a ton of options available on the market at this time. Fortunately, the few options we have come from companies that make the best accessories for the iPhone 12 Pro Max.
AC SL1500 for iphon 12
In addition, we will continue to update this article as new MagSafe wireless car charging cradles are released, so check back regularly for new offers if you are not satisfied with the current ones.

ESR HaloLock Wireless Magnetic Holder for Car Charger

ESR’s HaloLock mount features powerful magnets that keep the phone perfectly aligned. They won’t let the phone fall out, even under difficult driving conditions. I love the fact that the wireless car charging cradle allows me to place the phone in both landscape and portrait orientation. The charger delivers 15W of power, but for now, it only supports the 7.5W charge for the iPhone 12 series.
m365_black-xiomi iphon 12
In the end, he ticks all the right boxes. If you’re looking for a fast wireless car charger, this is the one for you.

Belkin Car Vent Mount Pro with MagSafe

If you want a MagSafe car mount and you don’t need a wireless recharge to use it, you should consult the Car Vent Mount Pro. This amount is of superior quality and its construction will rival that of your iPhone 12 Pro Max. It also features powerful magnets, so you don’t have to worry about your $1200 (or more) falling and breaking its screen (for extra precaution, don’t forget to put a screen protector on your iPhone 12, Pro Max).

The best MagSafe car chargers available on the market

I wish there were more options for you to consider, but currently only the most reputable accessory manufacturers produce MagSafe accessories, Belkin has an exclusive agreement with Apple for the moment. I hope that as the weeks go by, other brands will join them and that we will see cheaper alternatives appear on the market, but nothing is less certain since it should be remembered that Belkin has become the property of Foxconn, Apple’s main assembler. From there to say that Belkin and Apple have common interests… For the moment, that’s all we have to put under our teeth.
iphon 11 iphon 12 iphon 13

Don’t forget to check back as we will be adding more MagSafe Wireless Charging Car Holders as other manufacturers launch their products. And if you find one before us, please include its name in the comments below.


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