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New Concept2 Model D With PM5 Screen: Review and Price

Concept2 Modèle D 2021
Concept2 Modèle D 2021

Main advantage

Concept2 Model D is equipped with great robustness allowing it to support a maximum weight of 220 kg. Equipped with a performance monitor 5, it also integrates Bluetooth connectivity and ANT+ heart belts.

Main disadvantage

The sleeves that are used to exercise the arm muscles have a fairly uncomfortable coating, especially if you are considering long-term use. It is therefore necessary to wear gloves to avoid injury.

Main Characteristics Explained

The robustesse

Coming from a prestigious brand, the Concept2 Model D  has become a reference in the field of sports when it comes to exercises to be done in the gym. Able to withstand intensive use on a daily basis, it has great air resistance and is equipped with a strong arm. Made of stainless steel, it can accommodate a person weighing up to 220 kg.

Concept2 Modèle D

With a length of 244 cm, a width of 61 cm, and a seat elevation of 36 cm, it is a rowing machine for all sizes. In addition to metal, it is made of plastic and ABS covering for the handles. Stability is ensured by a strong and solid base so that the machine does not tip under the weight of the user.

The Connectivity

To help athletes establish a proper workout program and moderate use, this model has a large multi-function display that is self-powered via a USB port. The display shows settings that you can customize before exercising, as well as information on calories burned and other user data. Control buttons make it easy to navigate.

Concept2 Modèle D ramzur

The presence of Bluetooth smart or Low Energy connectivity (with corresponding devices not included) and heart belt compatibility also expand the way you use this device. On the top of the monitor, there is a Smartphone holder to facilitate the pairing of the 2 devices. You can then follow a program from your Smartphone or answer calls without interrupting your training.

The practicality

With a weight of 26 kg, it will not be difficult to move it if necessary. The front and rear parts being independent, this rowing machine can be easily disassembled in less than 2 if you wish to store it or transport it to a completely different place. Moreover, to disassemble it, you won’t need to exert much force and no tools are required, since it can be done by hand thanks to an ingenious and reliable assembly system.

Concept2 Modèle D Rameur avec écran PM5

Unlike other rowers, the assembly of this model is done with great simplicity without the need for hardware assistance. Maintenance is easily done with water and cloth. However, it should be done carefully so as not to wet the monitor and other sensitive parts of the device. And to make you feel comfortable, the monitor of this model can be adjusted both in height and sides.

Concept2 Modèle D Rameur avec écran mp6



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