Connected Heating: Precise the way you heat your home

Connected heating system
Connected Smart heating system

The connected heating allows you to modulate precisely the way you heat your home. It thus guarantees optimal thermal comfort and lower bills thanks to substantial savings. Here is everything you need to know about this “Smart” heating system.

Wiser Connected Thermostat Kit


Heating is the largest expense in a household. It represents 66% of energy expenditure. Therefore it is interesting to be able to control its consumption as closely as possible in order to better control one’s budget. A connected heating system can help you do this by allowing you to control and adjust the temperature of your home in real time.

Find the ideal temperature

This intelligent heating system adapts to your habits and your schedule to find the ideal temperature. You can program your appliances to turn on at specific time and enjoy a well-heated home when you are at home, less when you are away.

control your district heating

Also you can control your district heating. Are you coming home earlier or later? Are you going away for the weekend and forgot to turn off the heating? Control your appliances remotely via a tablet or your smartphone and thus accurately regulate the temperature of your home, room by room.

How does it work?

Connected heating uses an internet connection, with or without wire (via Wifi). The devices connected to this system will be able to communicate with the central unit (The one that gives the orders), but also with each other, and allow you to control them via a dedicated application.

Several devices can be connected:

Connected radiator:

This radiator is equipped with numerous sensors that allow it to adjust the room temperature. It can also be programmed and controlled remotely thanks to an application, but it is also capable, depending on the model, of switching off automatically if it detects that a window is open, for example, or of lowering the temperature when no one is in the room.

Connected thermostatic valve:

It is installed in place of the tap on a water radiator, connected to a boiler for example or to a central heating system, and allows to control the flow of heat distributed in the room. The radiator thus becomes “connected” and allows you to regulate its temperature independently.

The connected thermostat:

It’s connected to your boiler and/or your radiators and will allow you to control their operation. The thermostat can be programmed to turn on or turn off your appliances at specific times. You can also operate it remotely from your smartphone.

The advantages of connected heating

The two main advantages of a connected heating system is to allow you to control your consumption in order to save energy and thus lower your bill, but also to optimize your thermal comfort.

  • Energy savings.
  • Better thermal comfort.
  • Reduce the impact on the environment.

Can my heating system be connected?

Electric heating, oil or gas boiler, central heating(…).The latest generation equipment integrates connectivity. Others, older ones, can still be connected to connected technologies, such as a thermostat for example.

Using an electric heating system.

If your radiators are new, they are probably already connected. Otherwise, if they have an electronic programming system, you can connect them to a connected thermostat for example. If your appliances are very old, on the other hand, it is probably better to change them for more efficient and connected models. The initial investment will quickly pay for itself thanks to the savings made.

You have an individual boiler.

Whether it runs on oil, gas or pellets, you can connect it to a connected thermostat. This will allow you to control it remotely. To regulate the temperature efficiently room by room and to have an even finer effect on your consumption, you can also equip your radiators with a connected thermostatic head. The data recorded by the radiators is transmitted to the boiler, which automatically modulates the heat output.

You depend on a central heating system.

You live in an apartment and are connected to the central heating of the building? You can equip all your radiators with a connected thermostatic valve. This will allow you to adjust the heat flow distributed to the different rooms as best as possible. You can also install a connected thermostat in your apartment for an almost made-to-measure control of the inside temperature.


A connected thermostat can also be connected to an underfloor heating system, a heat pump, or a wood stove.

Wiser Connected Thermostat Kit

How much does it cost?

Of course, it all depends on the type of equipment, their number and their functionalities. The better your home is equipped, the better you will control the way you heat.


You will find packs from $150 to equip your home with a connected thermostat. The price of a connected thermostatic valve varies between 50 and $100, and the price of a connected electric radiator starts at around $100 for the first models, and climbs to over $1,000 for the more sophisticated ones.

Some suggested devices
  • Wiser Connected Thermostat Kit, Schneider Electric, works via the Wiser Home application to control heating, lighting and roller shutters, costs around $180.
  • Thermostatic head IO, Somfy, costs around $90.
  • Connected radiator Equateur 4, Thermor, works via the Cozytouch bridge, cost around $735.
  • Heatzy Pilote connected programmer, allows to transform all electric radiators into connected radiators, around $49.



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