The new Dryer Haier I-Pro: Series 7 Washing machine

Dryer Haier © I-Pro- Series 7
Dryer Haier © I-Pro- Series 7

The Haier I-Pro Series 7 HWD100-B14979 washer-dryer, with a capacity of 10 kg washing and 6 kg drying, offers excellent washing and drying capacity. With the added bonus of steam for extra softness.

Our opinion on the Haier I-Pro Series 7 HWD100-B14979

With a load capacity of 10 kg for washing and 6 kg for drying, this HWD100-B14979 washing machine dryer seems to meet the growing demand, for large families who want to save time and efficiency on household tasks. Add to this the functions that can be considered as premium (steam function or ABT system), the promises of this appliance, therefore, deserve to be underlined.

Why we crack

Haier I-Pro Series 7 2021
  • It has a capacity of 10 kg in washing and 6 kg in drying, suitable for a large family.
  • It’s ABT antibacterial treatment to eliminate bacteria on the door seal and the laundry tub.
  • Its Direct Motion motor guaranteed for life
  • Steam and illuminated “pillow drum” to preserve the laundry

A washer-dryer that wants to save time.

Domestic tasks related to laundry care are among, the most demanding and this is especially true when, the household is composed of a large number of people. To avoid spending your time making machines, you need a large-capacity machine. Haier has understood this by offering this new washing machine, with a capacity of 10 kg (44 detergents per year less compared to a capacity, of 8 kg according to the brand).

I-Pro Series 7 Range 2021

 To save even more time, this machine is a washer-dryer with a drying capacity of 6 kg. The priority is to save time for this machine, especially if you look at its functions: “I-Time” for example allows you to set the cycle time if needed, and “Auto-Weight” precisely weighs the load of the laundry to adapt to the water, electricity and cycle time.

Steam as a reinforcement

On the program side, Haier wanted to highlight specialized programs such as the “I-Refresh” which refreshes and deodorizes clothes in 33 minutes. The HWD100-B14979 washing machine dryer also has a steam function to relax the fibers in the clothes and improve stain removal. Thanks to the large drum dimensions, Haier was able to offer a comforter program for all bulky items. The user will also appreciate, the attention paid to his comforts such as the interior lighting of the machine or the special structure of the drum which respects, the most delicate laundry.

I-Pro Series 7 | Range

A washer-dryer that stays clean

Aware that more and more users seek to live in a healthy environment, Haier has equipped its machine, with technologies capable of guaranteeing perfect hygiene. The ABT system consists of exclusive material, for the window seal and the laundry tub. Thanks to this, the washer-dryer protects itself from the formation of mold and bacteria in usually sensitive areas. In addition to this technology, Haier has designed an automatic cleaning system for the appliance.

I-Pro Series 7 Range 2021

At the end of each cycle, a double spray dislodges the residues that could clog the interior. The Haier I-Pro Series 7 HWD100-B14979 washer-dryer is hygienic, ready for the next cycle, and ensures its longevity by avoiding clogging.

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